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Hi Dan,

I’m sensing that this week has been a roller coaster ride, and that some of the downhills have gone really, really far down… to a place where the thoughts of suicide are screaming incredibly loudly. I can hear that when you’re in such a low place, the feelings of worthlessness can seem to take over… it must be so exhausting to try and fight through those thoughts of just being a job when you’re already drained from this seemingly endless roller coaster ride. :’( I’m curious what has helped you fight through the thoughts of suicide during this last week?

I can also hear how desperately you want a feeling of being connected to and loved by another person… that being able to have a hand to hold during that roller coaster ride might lessen how wild it’s seeming. I’m inspired by how you’re continuing to reach out and try to find that connection Dan, both through your friend and through YS. Know that we’re here for you to talk when it seems like no one in your life will listen. <3

I also want to check in about suicide – it sounds like the thoughts got really scary this last week. I’m wondering how loudly the thoughts are tonight?

Take care Dan, we’re ‘hear’ for you. <3

The Support Team.

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