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The :O face was sort of in disgust because why else would a university student want to take advantage of a highschool student? I was scared when I found out, especially because it was kinda disgusting when he leaned in, tongue and all. I just wanted it to stop but I don’t know how to get the heck away from him. In Europe everyone was really closely knit but because I go to an all girls school there is so much drama going on and I don’t really connect with anyone. Also I don’t think my friend in Europe that I had a crush on would accept me. Sure we’ve been friends for almost 12 years but it would be hard and I wouldn’t be able to tell her ever. It’s especially hard to adjust because I’ve been here for three years and I’ve got another three to go before I move back. I’m still not happy here. I think the move took away a lot of my childishness because everyone goes on about how I don’t smile enough and I’m far too serious. It’s just I have a very particular sense of humor. They don’t understand and this is the reason I can’t form any relationships with them. I’m curious to make new friends this summer, to attempt to get out of my comfort zone, because most of my friends have dated. When I did tell my friend that I was probably bi she screamed and ran away like I was diseased, later I lied saying that it was a joke so now nobody thinks anything of it.
I’m scared that if I do date a guy he’ll be reluctant or something because there is more people for me to choose from.
I don’t know whether this is just my age group or what.

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