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Hi Eddiebasset99,

I am so sorry to hear that happened to you, Eddiebasset99. It sounds as if you found the guy at the dance disrespectful of your boundaries and his advances grossed you out. No one should ever touch us (or keep touching us) unless we want them to. You also mentioned that you’re unnerved by the age difference between the two of you and this concerns me too. I wondered if you have shared how you felt about this with anyone else in your life?

I get the sense Europe is still your real home and that you miss both the culture and your friends there a lot. I imagine it would be lonely to have no one around who gets your sense of humour. It sounds like that has intensified your longing for the kind of connection you had with your friends in Europe. To have someone in your life who really gets you.

I can imagine how painful it was to tell your friend about how you’re probably bisexual and have her respond in that way. I’m guessing it took a lot for you to open up to her and now, given her reaction, you feel worried about sharing your thoughts on your sexuality with all the other people in your life. I imagine that would create a feeling of distance between you and your friends…and also make you wonder how guys may react in the future if they hear. The fact that she responded by acting like you were diseased has left you feeling like you should hide your questioning about your own sexuality. That’s a feeling that nobody should have, and I’m glad that you decided to talk it out here. For the record, is a completely safe place to talk about your confusion/worries/hopes as you sort things out (especially in chat, where things are slightly more confidential). We’re here for you. <3

When you say you’re curious about making new friends this summer, I picture you on the cusp of an adventure, like you’re almost ready to bust out of your comfort zone but you’ve still got a little sussing out of the situation to do first. It seems as though this both a hard and complicated time, and perhaps the beginning of something new and exciting?


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