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Hi Eddiebasset99,

I can really hear how scary it is for you to think about sharing your sexuality with your friend with the possibility that she might react negatively… I think you mentioned in an earlier post that you’d shared this with another friend and she had reacted by pushing you away, is that right? I would imagine that one rejection could make the idea of opening up to someone that you truly feel you have some chemistry and the possibility of romance with even more daunting than it might have been before.

It sounds like your family think you’ve found something really special here but that there is something about this new place that can’t quite live up to the energy of London and the people you left behind there. I can hear that you’re really hoping that joining some activities might allow you to connect with others and find those relationships you’ve been craving… if you’d like to brainstorm some ideas about where you might socialize we would be happy to chat with you on our live chat, 6-11pm PST nightly.

I’m really glad to hear that you reached out to your mum around what happened to you at the dance and that steps have been taken to prevent you or anyone else from being subjected to something like that again. I get the sense though that helping to prevent a reoccurrence doesn’t necessarily mean that you are at peace with what happened to you. This is definitely a safe place to unpack any feelings that you might still be having around your first kiss being with someone that you felt deceived by.

We are here to support you <3

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