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yes my plans are pretty straight forward…my dad might not like my decisions but i stand strong for what i believe in.
I have been craving independence since i was 15 turning 16
when my mother began drinking,when she had 11 years of staying away from drugs and alcohol…it was the worst days ever i learned to look after myself by stealing from stores for food, i depended on my ex boyfriend at the time for shelter when my mom threw mad party’s at our house. I lived like this for two years,but when my mom decides to move away unexpectedly we were left to live on the streets and it was winter when she left with all our belongings…so we were left with nothing so we left victoria and went to Vancouver for ten mounths and i broke up with him shortly after i arrived back in my house life slowly crumbled with my dad after he heard i smoke weed to calm down with anger and frustration problems but he would never understand how i use cannibis for medicinal reasons.
my relationship with my current boyfriend is pretty steady and simple…i love him alot,when me and him met i was on the streets. now we both moved in back at my place in brentwood with my dad, while a few mistakes here and there resulted in dads behaviour was slightly more strict more around the money department…although i work hard on keeping the house clean i barly get rewarded for it…so im broke all the time and still a little snapy around dad, even when i dont mean it he thinks i have an attitude problem. i hope everything fallows through with me getting my money situation straight and me and my bf can finally move out into our own place, maybe dad could probbly appreciate me and my bf’s decent hard work around the house once were gone. i dont think he would be able to take care of everything around the house while hes doing his art work and going to art shows around victoria…only time will tell,this whole plan will show who can uphold spacific lifestyles in a legitimate way…

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