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Hey missavery,
Your writing gives me a sense of how determined you are to improve things for yourself and I wanna thank you for sharing your thoughts with us here, as you go thru this journey. I hope it’s cool that I reply to both your posts under this thread.

I totally admire your desire to find independence. I’m really hearing how important freedom is to you, and am thinking that you feel your freedom is limited living with your dad. I’m also wondering if you feel a need to prove yourself to your dad, show him how capable you are by living alone and supporting yourself?

I get the idea that living at home has caused you a lot of grief, you and your boyfriend do a lot for your father and yet your relationship with your dad seems to be on thin ice. I’m thinking it might be a really stressful environment to be living in, with your dad disapproving of your smoking weed and drinking. Can you explain what you mean by “today my house life slowly crumbled”?

I can hear that your boyfriend has been a very strong support to you over this tumultuous time, and I’m thinking that the love you share has grown as you support each other thru these daily challenges. I get the sense that you feel really safe with your bf, and I’m imagining that he feels like a rock for you, a constant in a world full of chaos.

Know that we are here for you too, to listen as you navigate this chaos.
<3 The Support Team

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