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thank you very much for your understanding, yes it is okay to respond on this thread. it feels good to hear that someone can see my true potential, my freedom means alot to me since i was 16 when i began bouncing around on the streets and home
but i know now im better then that! me and my bf will not go back to the streets. yes my freedoms were prefect when i first came back to my dad from vancouver…after a few years its stooped alot and we get into more arguments and it results into loud yelling matches. and again yes i do feel like i have to prove myself to my dad :( sounds a little depressing having to go through great lenghts to get your own fathers acceptance or approval :( . our relationship was fine untill he began finding out i drink once ina while and i smoke weed :( ever since then hes barly accepted me as his daughter :( it hurts when he frames me as a drug addict and an alcholic :( im nowhere near any of those things :(, my boyfriend is the only one who really believes that i will truly make things work out and i am strong and im not a messed up kid :) he makes my day extra bright even when people try to bring me down with they’re against my actions or decisions. when i say “my house life has slowly crumbled” it used to be perfect at one point but when he found out i smoke weed and i drink very once in a while he was being less generous on many levels. my boyfriend truly makes an effert to keep me happy even when i got in yelling matches with my dad, he is very protective but gentle at heart…he works hard on the job,hes roofing right now during the week so i’ve tryed to convince him that all his hard work will always be rewarded :) he is happy to get weekly cheques so we can go shopping together and got out for lunch :) im very happy with my bf
thanks for hearing what i have to say
im glad someone hears me

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