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Hi there missavery (or c*?),

It sounds like you’re a person with some plans! I get the sense that you’re someone who really craves independence, and that you’ve got a pretty good idea about who you are and what you’d like. From the way that you talk about getting out of your dad’s place, I can hear your frustration with him, and how tired you are of having to listen to lectures about your lifestyle. I imagine you might feel pretty misunderstood when he lectures you about his experiences with drugs without really seeing that you take a different approach to them altogether…

h* is a steady support for you, by the sounds of it. I’m guessing that it must be special to have found someone who shares some of your dreams and was able to keep you safe on the streets without taking away that independence. :)

I’m curious what you mean about your “plea”. What I am hearing is a call for understanding from people, and for someone to care. I wanted to check that I wasn’t missing some other meaning that you might have had when you wrote that.

Thanks for posting, c*. This is a time filled with change and perhaps some uneasiness for you. We’re here to lend an understanding ear!

The Support Team

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