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I can really hear how overwhelmingly unbearable your pain is, and the consuming fear of being left alone on this crashing ride. I can imagine that it’s sooooo intense and just when you think it can’t get more intense, it does. You have been so brave to reach out in order to ease and control the uncontainable roller coaster.

I’m really worried about you when you say that there is nothing keeping you alive. I get the sense that you really want someone to send support to help you stay alive. Please know that we can provide you with that kind of support if you want to chat in and give us some info. In case we are not available, please call 911 if you feel like you are at the crashing point. You don’t deserve to suffer this way.

I’m really scared for you and hope that you can stay strong tonight and reach out to us or someone else before committing to your plan.

We are here for you and want to help.

the Support Team

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