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It’s been a constant battle. Each day I have to go through the day, scared of everyone that’s around. Why? Because my father * abusses me, and I have this friend who * abused me. I don’t trust anyone. Not even the people that are trying to help me. I’m scared of them… and it’s as if I want to take control of my life agaib, but I’m so scared to do so… So scared that my parents would want to harm* me for trying to solve things that are going on in our family… I can’t stand living with all of these fears anymore. And sometimes, I can feel that the end of the rope is nearer, thats I’m at the end right now. I even started writing a suicide letter. Do you know how scary that is? Writing down your emotions, your fears, your tears, on a simple piece of paper? Ive been down this dark road before, but this time, it’s really harder to get out of it, and I feel like I won’t be able to find the light, but only be able to be consumed by how dark these thoughts are.

I need help. * I’m losing control on myself. I’m scared to tell the truth to anyone thats around me about the abuse Ive been living. I’m scared.

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