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I’m struggling with the fears of all the things my dad is making me suffer through. I dont know how people in the same situation get through this, but I know that it’s gonna be impossible for me to smile all day and think that these kind of things are normal. In a way they are: violence has been a part of my life since I can remember and still today I struggle to have that part of my terminated, to have that part of my life back by bringing justice. Ive been told that no one deserves to be abused. Are you sure? Because sometimes it seems as if it just comes to me..i never asked for it. It just happens. And it’s a really scary thing.

I came on to chat a few times. You were all helpful, in many mays, gave me great solutions to keep myself safe. * I have tried so hard to just put those dark emotions in a box, lock them up, and hide them. Change my mind by doing things that I like. It hasn’t been working out. At all. And now I’ve just been counting the days as if they were my last ones. I’ve just been counting the days until I have the courage to stand up, say it’s enough, walk into a police station and tell everything thats has happened in the last few years: how scared I am not only for me, but also for my little brother. I just want to keep him safe.

I’m really scared for myself. I’m losing contrôl. I’ve called my crisis line without knowing what to say to them. What can I say? The whole truth? It hurts so much that just saying a single part of it is like taking away something away that has been a part of my life for so long. * Xx

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