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Thank you for your honesty Sophiexx, and for your strength in sharing your struggle with us. The resiliency you show by continuing to talk is inspiring.

I can hear that you feel really unstable right now, like you don’t know what tomorrow with bring. You are stuck on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, unsure of how to control the speed and direction of your journey. I’m wondering if you have found anything that helps your gain control or feel grounded in those moments when you find yourself upside-down?

Seems like you feel really isolated right now. There are people all around watching out for you, but I get the sense that you don’t trust them, or don’t feel supported?

You sound really self-aware, like you know when you need emergency support, it’s brave of you to be so honest with yourself. Are you able to call the police for yourself when you need them Sophiexx? Remember that if you do need emergency help and cannot call for yourself that we can help you with that (in Chat).

Stay connected Sophiexx. We hear your pain
– The Support Team

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