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Hi Sophiexx

Thank you for being so truthful about your week. I can imagine that looking down at those rails and contemplating jumping had you terrified for your life. I’m scared for you too, and want you to know that I’m grateful you didn’t take that step towards death. It seems that seeing the police at that moment paralyzed you with fear – perhaps it was fear of being judged again? I get the sense that this incident stirred up more uncertainty about your future. Like you’re always walking a tightrope, never knowing when you might fall.

I can really hear how disconnected you feel from yourself. When you say “I’m not me”, I imagine that the way you see yourself now is very different from the way you want to be. I am curious what it would look like to be ‘you’ again?

You also mentioned that you want someone to save you. What would this someone be like? And what do you see them doing in order to save you?

We truly do care about you, and want to hear from ‘you’, just the way you are.

the Support Team

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