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Hi Sophiexx,

I can really hear the fear and sadness that you face every day of not knowing if, and for how long, you will be able to stay safe. I can imagine that being scared of your own self is somewhat like being physically attached, 24/7, to an unpredictable stranger that is always taunting you to end your life. Your strength and courage to seek help despite all the stress fear and sadness is inspiring.

I get the sense that you’re feeling really hopeless about being able to get the right type of help for you. It sounds like on the one hand, you’re feeling like a “lost cause”, but on the other hand, you’re not willing to give up on yourself and allow this scary part of yourself to win.

It seems like you are so drained from constantly fighting the part of yourself that you are scared of. I am wondering, if you could live a stress, fear and sadness free life, and get the right type of help, how would that life look like for you? What kind of things would you be doing differently?

You don’t have to fight this battle alone; we are always here for you Sophiexx.

The Support Team

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