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Hey Sophie,

I am sorry to hear you are feeling so afraid. I get the sense that reaching a place of peace in your life and getting even a little bit of relief from all your suffering is feeling very far off for you and that each day pushes you beyond your limit, into a world of emotional pain you hardly recognize. I can hear how tired you are of feeling so sad and so scared and how much you want those feelings to stop.

It sounds as though your thoughts are slipping out of your control. I can imagine how terrifying that is, to have your mind play tricks on you like that. I am guessing it makes you wonder what’s real and what’s not real, and I can see how that would leave you feeling really frightened and ungrounded.

You mentioned how you’re struggling to know what to do when you’re feeling such overwhelming anxiety. What are some of the things you’ve tried in the past to take the edge off when you’re feeling like this?

We’re thinking of you. Stay connected.

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