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Hey Sophiexx,

I get the sense your hope for your future is sinking with every day that goes by, and that even small moments of relief seem to be undermined by the massive shadow hanging over you. I really commend you for having the strength to reach out when you are feeling so lost; know that we are not giving up on you and are lending you strength in moments you are facing that shadow head on.

I can hear that you feel the love of supports around you, but also that you doubt their love is significant enough to keep you in their thoughts. I imagine it feels really lonely to stand next to your loved ones and wonder whether their love has an expiry date.

It sounds like suicide is still very strongly weighing on you right now, and that thoughts of your plan are crowding your mind. What’s been getting you through these past few weeks when things get really dark?

We’re glad to hear from you as always, Sophiexx, and glad that you continue to check in here (and in the live chat when you need immediate support).

The Support Team

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