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oh wow! It has been a long while since I posted something here… So… Hi everyone!

*It’s my birthday on the 31st and that means: going back into my family, going back with an abusive father, and going back to this life that I don’t even want. I am not happy with my family, and never will be. Sadly, they tell me that I make their life miserable, and I am starting to believe that lie. My little brother is tired of living at home, and he just wants to walk out of the house, he’s only fourteen!

At this moment, I thought that I was stronger than this, that this voice inside of me had fallen asleep, but no, it hasn’t. I’m alone, alone, alone, alone. With no one to help me. The voices are coming back, and I’ve made promises not to harm myself because of them, but I fear that I can’t keep those promises as long as I Iive in this messed up family. I fear that i might not be able to continue on.

*Edited for identifying information by Youthspace

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