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Hi Sophie,

I can hear how desperately you want those voices to quiet down again and give you some peace- right now it seems like you can’t outrun them no matter what you try. I’m really getting a sense that the pain overwhelms you both emotionally and physically sometimes making you feel as though you can’t carry on. I really see how you compare yourself to others and feel like you fall short each time and I want you to know that I think you’re incredibly strong for continuing to fight this battle even when it feels like winning will be impossible.

I hear how lost you feel Sophie and I so appreciate you continuing to reach out here. I do hope you find a bit of calm and grounding when you share with us. We certainly appreciate your presence here.

If you feel like you can’t stay safe I hope that you’ll reach out to someone in your life that might be able to help you or to us via our online chat if it’s between 6-11pm PST.

We are here for you Sophie as you continue to fight <img src="smileys/heart.gif" width="" height="" alt="<3" title="


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