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Hi Sophie,

I can hear how beaten down you’re feeling now that you’re back in your parent’s house witnessing the same sort of behaviour you’d left behind previously. I’d imagine it would be a terrible sense of hopelessness to have returned to a place you once escaped from. I’m really grateful that you continue to share your journey here with us.

I’m sensing that you are truly afraid for your safety and the safety of your younger brother — it seems as though you have a special bond with one another and offer some support within the chaos of your environment. It’s really scary to hear that your parents continue to act so violently towards both of you and I wonder if there is anyone in your life that you might be able to reach out to now that some of your old supports are not an option? I also wonder if maybe someone who helped you from child services might be available to support your younger brother who is still in the age range of their services?

The image of you offering your brother a comforting hug is really beautiful Sophie, I get the sense that you have a very caring heart and that you would move mountains to ensure the safety of someone you care about. I hope that you are able to turn some of that caring inwards as well and show yourself some compassion as that dark world you mentioned begins to return.

We are here to support you Sophie, both on our forum and through our live chat every night. Also, I want to remind you that if you are afraid for your safety you can reach out to a local crisis line or 911 at any time of the day or night.

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