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hi there!

I made some pretty dramatic decisions in the last couple of hours, and thought that I and to share them to Isomeone…
– I must file a complaint against my father. I love him, so so much, but I CANT stand living at home with him. We are all scared. Mom, me, little brother, we are all scared and we can’t live a normal life without being scared to get manipulated or even abused. If I dont get rid of him, I fear that I might have to place my little brother somewhere else… And I dont want to do so.

– Secondly, I took the decision to start harming myself again. It’s been tormenting me for so long, and since people dont want to listen to me while I’m in pain, well I need to put the physical pain that I feel, in which I am not able to talk about, on me… it’s the only way to set me free…. and if it kills me, well it wouldn’t have been my fault but my father’s.

– Thirdly, I’m running away. I can’t stay here at this moment. I am going crazy. I am bruised, scared and hurt. Life shouldn’t be like this.

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