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Hi Deepak2J,

Thanks for writing back! Sounds like you still have a lot of contempt towards your neighbours, for the way they treated you after your generous offer to help fix their pc. I get the sense that noone else knows how hurt and angry you are right now. Seems like you really value your parents and the relationships they have with your neighbours, so you don’t want to cause trouble :/ But at the same time I’m imagining that on the inside your blood is boiling at the injustice of how your help was rejected.

I’m really glad that you took the time to talk to us about how you are feeling, cos it seems like you are pretty alone with your problems right now :(

I’m wondering, how have you been dealing with this frustration? Does your anger ever get so strong that you think about hurting your neighbours? You mention wanting help, and not being sure what to do…what are you considering to be your options?

Talk soon,
the Support Team

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