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Hey Deepak2J,

Welcome to youthspace! Thanks for posting on our forum. (: I hope you don’t mind that I responded to both on your posts on this thread?

I can hear how infuriated you’re feeling from the way you’ve been treated by your neighbours… I imagine that it might feel like they don’t value your skills, even though you worked really hard to get into and complete that computer course and then to get a job there too …? I’m also hearing that you put so much thought and time into trying to find a way to fix their pc — because you cared about them as your neighbours — and then to not have them call you back… I’m guessing it’d feel like a stab in the back. :’(

I imagine that with so much frustration and rage building up inside, it might make it really hard to go about your day — especially if you’re having to see these neighbours often because they live so close. How have you been dealing with all of this anger? Have you been able to get support from anyone you know about how you’re feeling?

We’re totally ‘hear’ for you to get out some of your pent-up feelings too. <3

Take care,

The Support Team.

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