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Hey Green Lizard,

I can hear how immensely frustrated you are that the people around you only seem to focus on one dimension of who you are. It sounds like while you have accepted your diagnoses and disabilities as part of yourself, you are finding that others aren’t willing to look past that part and acknowledge the REST of you. I would guess you are sick and tired of being seen and treated like a second rate person because of your differences.

I get a sense that you are deeply hurt by the way people treat you differently, and that every instance–your mum’s anger and distrust, your dad’s jokes, your sister’s offhand comments, the counselor’s judgement–is chipping away at your sense of self-worth. I imagine it is taking a tonne of effort for you to convey the facade of a happy energetic person when inside you are crumbling. What thoughts are you hiding on the inside? What is giving you the strength go on right now?

I’m so glad you’ve come here to tell your story, Green Lizard, and I hope you will continue to connect. Take care.

the Support Team

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