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Hi Dani,

I’m sorry for the delay in our response, we had a gliche and the post didn’t go live, but we heard you <3

Thanks for sharing a bit of what’s been going on… your words are so raw and honest, and really give me a sense of how utterly hopeless everything is feeling. I’m also understanding that these aren’t new feelings – you’ve been here before. You sound so exhausted from dealing with it all, I can hear you saying ‘what’s the point if this is the way it’s gonna be?’ Suicide is so real for you that it sounds like its not a question of if, but when… . Im really worried about you Dani – it really sounds like the pain of living has become too much to bear.

You seem to feel very deeply, and I’m hearing how desperate you are to not feel the ways you feel sometimes, but that you don’t know how to feel any other ways (am I way off?) – almost like your feelings take you hostage. It also sounds like you feel completely alone – like no one really gets you… I sense you’ve had some negative experiences with adult authority (I’m thinking that’s an understatement?) and that you haven’t been able to rely on your counsellor or any other adult for real help and support… that probably just makes everything feel that much more hopeless :( I’m wondering if you have anyone helping you out right now?

I’m really glad you connected here… you’re not alone, Dani. We want to help you to keep safe (as safe as you can). I know a huge part of you is really done, but there’s also a little part of you that’s still clinging to life…we want to help you hold on… help us help you. We don’t think you’re pathetic, we think you’re strong for facing what you’re facing… stay strong, Dani, and stay connected.

the Support Team.

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