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Hey there,

I can tell that there is a wave of dread threatening to overwhelm you, hystericalharpy… It sounds like after the treatment you got last year, you can barely stand the thought of returning to face more. It clearly took quite a toll on your ability to like going to school, and even on your self-acceptance to put up with the harassment that you did; I can imagine that you must have felt angry and trapped, but also terribly helpless to take their taunting.

I can hear that for you, that pain had to be buried deep inside, and I can sense that maybe you’re concerned about how much more you can take before it all comes bursting out. There are so many emotions for you right now, and I wonder if you’ve found anything that helps you cope with them?

Mike is right to say that nobody should have to go through such treatment, but I also know that it’s not necessarily that easy… As always, we won’t give you advice, but we could help you brainstorm some resources. We are “hear” to listen.

I get the sense that things are going to be very difficult as the school term approaches. Stay strong, hystericalharpy.

The Support Team

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