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Before i moved here i was pretty happy. there where things that bugged me but you honestly cant live without a little bit of poor treatment here or there. but they where perfect. all my friends where there, i was suposed to graduate with all my friends that i had known for almost 12 years. work was awesome i worked with fabulous people, and was respected. but in # i dont get that respect. honestly up here the people are alot different from #. there nasty, they say things to people i wouldent even think of saying i dont understand, as for the stress i did start smoking to melow out and it worked… for a while, because my mom has quit smoking for 2 years now it made it really hard on myself to continue such a nasty habbit. so i did it more for myself and just dealt with the stress how ever. usauly when its just something like a bunch of bad days at school id come kinda grumpy and get introuble for being grumpy which was annoying cause i felt like i could never relax. when im at work or in a situation where theres no just walking out i take deep breaths and think about how someones just being stupid and im better than that. this is really helpfull because ive always wanted to talk to someone and never had anyone and i dont wana talk to someone in person cause i usauly get choked up when i think of the stuff ive gone through in my life already. i appreciate it :D but todays the day i have to go and deal with the princables and counclers about the stupid bullying. hate confronting people about these things, i just hope things dont ecalate. unless the end result is i can go back to my old school :D maybe i should do that it would be an hour and a half bus ride everyday but maaaaan would i be happy.

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