Forums Your Story So much stress. So much stress.


Things are getting better with the bullying, im still getting picked on but the princeble expelled 1 kid and suspended 4 others who where all kicked off hockey. hockey is more fun now. i havent really felt any thoughts of suicide, the only thing that sucks is people think im a rat, i feel like ive got a price on my head right now. kinda hard to cope with actually not feeling safe walking around town alone. things seem to better getting better, but life at home is still as stressfull as always. i really wish my mom would find a job. the place that where living in where just barely paying rent and grocerys are slim. so im slowly killing my self feeding on fast food all the time. and i feel like i need some away time from my family. i try and visit back home as much as i can and stay away for as long as i can but i always have to come back… i honestly dont wana be here. because of my family, but im not sure if i could handle school, my social life, and 30+ hours a week to pay rent. idk i got alot going on in my head,
and as for the online calling sounds neat but i feel like i can say more and get more out just through text rather than talking and getting choked up plus my parents could hear and freak out so yaa hahah

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