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Hey Zebra,

So glad to hear things are getting better with the bullying, although I would guess you’re wondering whether they really are better; it sounds like you’ve traded feeling safe at school for feeling unsafe walking around town. I imagine it’s getting harder and harder to come back after visiting back home. :S

I can hear how important it is for you to eat healthy, and the junk food is adding yet another reason for you to not want to stick around at home. I imagine you’re wondering what would be more stressful….staying where you are now, or dealing with the pressures of independent living. I’m wondering whether you’ve been able to talk to anyone who could outline your options if you chose to move out on your own? I know we’ve listed MCFD as a resource, but if you would like us to suggest further resources for you just let us know :)

I hear ya that speaking is so much more daunting than typing when it comes to talking about what’s most vulnerable in our hearts (not to mention the stress of parents maybe overhearing!!). Our live chat is actually ALL typing too, there’s no talking at all…it’s more like facebook chatting or text messaging back and forth with us (in fact, you can text us from your phone from 6pm-11pm too, just text 778-783-0177 and we’ll text back!). If you’d like to try it out on your computer, just click the “Support Team is Online. Click here to enter” link at the top right corner of our website (it will say “offline” and not be a link when we aren’t here, outside 6pm-11pm). We’d love to hear from you that way too, but if it’s not your cup of tea no worries, we’re HEAR on the forum too!!

the Support Team

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