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I really get how unsafe it feels for you to reach out and talk to people about your problems. It hurts to think of you sooo alone, having been back-stabbed or disregarded and rejected everytime you attempt to tell someone how you truly feel. So thank you for trusting us with your heart and your feelings. Your problems DO matter. And you DO deserve to be heard and helped. I’m sorry that hasn’t been your experience.

Sounds like you work really hard to keep it all together and help others stay happy. But then when it comes to yourself you feel unworthy of that happiness? I want you to know that whatever is going on, you deserve to be supported as much as everyone else in your life!

It seems like the idea of death sometimes tempts you…like it would be a way to escape? Can you tell me more about your thoughts of suicide? What helps you stay alive?

Stay connected emmybee, we are here for you when the urge to hurt yourself calls your name.
<3 The Support Team

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