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I’m not really actually scared just irritated angry and sad well I guess I’m kind of scared of fucking up or getting left behind.
I get really drastic mood changes sometimes From Insanely happy to seriously pissed to utterly hopeless and usually it’s like those emotions are turning in on me and beating me up that’s what it feels like I feel like my mind soul and emotions are all ingrown because I have such serious problems with telling people things without feeling like a complete loser and then my mind gets all confused and twisted up and its like all my thoughts and emotions are a big knot of writhing snakes fighting for… I don’t really know.
They get really confused if I start thinking about my past.
I’m also now afraid my bf is angry at me
anyways Idk There is just so much going on in my head and it’s like it’s trying get out of my head but it can’t and it is actually pretty exhausting…

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