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Hey Terezi,

It seems to me that the emotional roller coaster that has become your daily life is starting to make you feel physically nauseous as well as totally mixed up and dizzy in your own thoughts. I would guess it’s really hard to know what you really want when your emotions are so unreliable….something might make you deliriously happy one minute and then angry or despondent the next, making it hard to trust those emotions are paying attention to what’s really going on in your life or if they’re just playing their own game with you as their pawn.

I can hear all the pressure you feel in your head from the emotional soup that is trapped and can’t get out, and I get the sense your past is a big part of that soup…perhaps it’s even the spoon that stirs everything else up in your mind and heart?

I know the self harm you mentioned was a little while ago, I’m wondering where your urge to self harm is at right now?

Keep checking in, Terezi…I hope it helps to unload some of what is going on in your head with us <3

The Support Team

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