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I’ve been coping by turning into a day dreaming vegetable.
I’ve been pretty angry lately, I’m stressed out and most my friends are either barely talking to me, hanging out with me, or b*tching at me.
Today I slapped my boyfriend which I felt really bad about so I apologized and he said it was ok but I’m still angry and I’ve been lashing out at my friends.
I’m being such a prick lately and all I can do is day dream and wish I could actually do something amazing and interesting with my life.
It’s f*cking pathetic.
Anyways hopefully I won’t be so furious in a couple of days.
The reason I self harm is because I can’t find anything to help “Ground” me I use it as a last resort when I feel out of control or really over whelmed.
It’s a stupid waste of my time though and I have better things to do or at least more useful things.

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