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Ok so I haven’t filled you guys in on what’s been happening lately, so here it is:
Basically I built my tower into my sort of perfect and then watched it go tumbling down. Me and boyfriend were both finally doing ok. I trusted him completely and we even stopped fighting. But you know what they say, Good things don’t last. And I knew that I just expected it to last a little longer. Anyways, After exam week he showed up at school for the one day and I didn’t see or here anything from him for about a month and a half. I was pretty fucking worried. So when I finally got into contact with him I found out that he got into this special cooking program so he’s moving and switching schools. We had decided that if he were to move we would breakup and so he broke up with me over text and I was feeling pretty hurt when he did that so I told him when he stops by to say goodbye and whatnot that he’d better give me a proper break up and he tried but he almost started crying and I don’t know why but I am so fucking angry and he was so nice to me and he told me he probably wouldn’t date for a long time but he told me I should date someone and I mean there are these two guys I like and I think one of them likes me back but he’s severly socially awkward and I don’t know why but dating somebody else feels kind of wrong. I’ve also started to see and hear things occasionally nothing too serious though. But jeez I really don’t know what to do. I’m kind of wanting to go back to being antisocial because then I don’t have to deal with people as often.

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