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It’s good to hear from you again.

I’m really glad to hear that you’re doing somewhat okay, even if things are really hurting and feeling lonely for you at the same time. I can hear how the surprise nature of your breakup was awful, since you were finally feeling somewhat comfortable with how things were going, and you weren’t expecting it to end so abruptly or soon. :(

On the upside, did it feel good to be making progress in some of the things that you were worrying about, like being able to trust your boyfriend? I would guess that perhaps it feels really bittersweet now to think that you had gotten to such a good point with him. I get the sense that the breakup was painful for both of you…that it was painful when he broke up with you over text, and then painful to see him in person after that. It sounds like you’re still feeling a lot of anger about how things went, and uncertainty about how to move on from what you had. Even though there are these other guys you like, your mind must still be lingering on so many of the things that your boyfriend said, and what he was in your life. Perhaps that’s why dating someone else feels weird right now?

That’s interesting, and a bit frightening, about seeing and hearing things occasionally. Let us know if you do feel like those moments are getting to a point where you feel pretty worried about them…or if you ever want to talk more about those experiences (either here or in the chat).

I think I get that feeling you’re having of wanting to withdraw from having to deal with people – you put a lot of energy into this relationship, and you must be exhausted from working through the feelings around the breakup.

I hope you’re taking care of yourself, Terezi. We’re here if you want to keep talking it out. <3
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