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I get the sense that being able to fully trust the person that you’re dating is a big value for you. It seems that the trouble you feel in trusting your bf is shaking the foundation of who you thought that you could even be in a relationship. It becomes about more than just how you feel about him, but also what it means about you that you’re having trouble trusting him. I can hear how much doubt and confusion this is creating. :(

It sounds like your thoughts are running all over the place, and dragging your feelings with them. You say that your emotions are all twisted and knotted, and it does sound a lot like a crazy bundle of string, where you can’t find the real end, and every time you tug on something that you think might loosen it all up, it just gets worse…

We’re here for you, Terezi, if you just want to keep talking through it and looking for those loose ends.

The Support Team

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