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Hi Terezi,

It’s nice to hear that things are going okay for you right now. Your last message sounds kind of tentative, like you don’t really trust the ground you’re walking on not to fall out from under you, but you’re determined to walk over it anyway, even if you just take little steps for now. There is absolutely nothing wrong with moving slowly for a while. And actually, it sounds like it’s helping you find time to think through things and let yourself have some space.

I get how things might feel pretty darn confusing right now, when you’re trying to figure out where things might go with the guy you like (the museum thing sounds really cute and fun!) even as you’re still processing your feelings about your “ex” (that word does seem to come with its own set of assumptions). Clearly the guy you were dating still matters to you in some ways, and it’s important to you to keep a connection with him. I’m glad to hear that you’re working to form your own opinion of how you feel right now.

It sounds like with the lack of sleep, you’ve been feeling kind of jittery and hazy. Running can be a great outlet when you’re feeling agitated. Has it been helping you cope with some of the emotional pressure as well?

It’s interesting that you’re wondering about bi-polar…obviously we’re not the kind of place that can diagnose mental health issues, but if you like, we can post some links here for you that might have more information…

As always, we’re here for you.
-The Support Team

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