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I really don’t like how you changed what I said and how you changed it, I’d be much happier if you had just removed it. Anyways not you fault.
I got back with my boyfriend a little while ago and we’ve been doing really well we’ve been together 21 months or so
So here is everything that happened lately:
During January (23-ish) we went back to school after exams, my boyfriend showed up on the first day of that semester and then just stopped showing up, I kept hoping he’d show up but he didn’t and then one of our friends told me he had switched schools (My boyfriend had mentioned quite a while ago that his mother planned on moving further into town and he was going to maybe switch schools) and I then I messaged him over my friends Facebook messenger (I’m not allowed facebook or cellphones or going out into town because my parents are super strict) and asked what was going on and if he was switching schools and he said yes and I asked “Does this mean you’re breaking up with me?” and he basically said there’s no point in dating if we can’t see each other it’s too hard and painful and then after I was upset and I was crying while we were texting and he said “I feel you’re taking this personally and I’m thinking damn right I’m taking it personally you should’ve at least done this in person
The next day he stopped by at lunch to pick up his sweater and it was weird because we acted like we were still dating
We were both really depressed. Neither of us wanted to break up.
So months went by (about five-ish I think) And I’m about to completely give up on him because we were still friends but he wouldn’t talk to anyone and then one day he just shows up out of the blue and I was so happy.
We ended up making the decsion to stay together. **
It’s been pretty crazy lately lots of shit has gone down especially with my family I’ve got yelled at a few times last week XD
Two of my friends(?) ditched me one I don’t know why and the other because he loves me but I’m already taken and it was bad for us both so we stopped talking
And I’m not really sure if I’m doing the right thing but I feel like I am and I feel really calm. until I have another rage outburst that is.
It’s like I’m floating on top of a calm sunny sea and not really worring about the sharks I see below.

** Edited as per member request

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