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Hi Terezi,

I’m really hearing how frustrating it was for you to see that we edited your last post and that you’d prefer we remove things that we can’t directly post. So you know for the future, we edit items that have identifying information, triggering/violent content, or anything else that we consider to be inappropriate for our space here. Whenever we do this we try to preserve the intent of the post and always respond to the post in its entirety. I hope that helps you to determine what you’re comfortable sharing here — also if you are interested in a private conversation where only we read what you’ve said you are welcome to visit our live chat any night (6-11pm PST) to speak one on one with us.

I’m getting the sense that your relationship with you boyfriend has been like a stormy sea of emotions since January and that you’ve finally reached calmer waters together with the sunshine peeking out. From what you’ve shared here I hear that you two are really committed to one another and that you are really happy with the decisions you’ve made in this relationship.

It sounds as though other areas of your life are still feeling chaotic – like the sea is churning and threatening to capsize your boat. I’d imagine that it’s upsetting to be yelled at by your family and that having it happen multiple times could really wear you down. Also, losing two good friends sounds painful, even if you understood the reasons that one of them had to end things. I’d imagine it would be frustrating to have one area of your life working out so well with your boyfriend only to have other areas causing so much heartache.

I thought your image of sharks circling was really ominous and I hope you’ll continue to check in here to let us know you’re still safe in your boat.

<3 Youthspace

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