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Hey Terezi,

I’m glad to hear you’re feeling positive about how your relationship with your boyfriend has grown. It seems like by taking things gently and slowly, you’ve found a way to shake some of your doubt and fear. I’d imagine it’d feel kind of amazing to be able to let your guard down with him, to let him in. Though I’m guessing it’s still a little scary at the same time.

I am getting the sense that despite feeling different to other people and worrying about being somehow less able to trust, your journey towards trusting your boyfriend has also brought you some acceptance about having a sensitive trust scale. It seems like now, you kind of have a sense that your trust takes a while to build and so while it sounds like it is still causing you anxiety about what it will be like to form friendships in the future, you’re starting to feel more confident about just taking things step by step and giving yourself the space to learn to trust people.

-The Support Team

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