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Hi t904,
I can hear how completely overwhelmed you are by the amount of school work that is piling up unfinished on your plate and I’m really glad you spoke up about this troubling situation here on You mentioned that this academic roadblock is fairly recent, you were a “good student” all your life until these past two years. And now, I’m getting the sense that the barriers you come up against when you try to do homework create a huge roadblock that is practically impossible to move past. Did something change for you, that is making school boring and homework such a struggle?

Seems like talking in class has always made you feel uncomfortable, and that the fear of doing presentations in front of the class has kept you away from school in the past. You also mentioned that in the end you did the presentation and it went well…I’m wondering what helped you face the presentation? I’m getting the sense that you are in a similar situation now…having skipped 7days of class in the first month, and avoiding classes where you haven’t completed the work . I’m thinking that you are ashamed to face your teachers, and confused about how you got to this point, asking yourself ‘how did it all snowball into this huge avalanche of work?!’

I’m seeing that the pressure of these unfinished assignments is weighing really heavily on you….so heavily, that you want to disappear from school, and escape into the woods for a few days. I’m thinking that the idea of not having to answer teachers’ questions about where your homework is, or why you haven’t been in class is a very tempting notion.

It’s been a few days since you posted and I’m wondering, how have the past few days at school been for you?

Thank you for sharing your frustrations here with us. We totally want to support you in this, and if you want to Chat thru instant message we’re online 6-11pm everynight.

Stay connected,
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