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Hey Martin and MeMyselfandI,
It’s beautiful to see such strong peer-support here! I’m inspired by both of you, and your abilities to see the other’s perspective.

MeMyselfandI — I’m glad to hear that you know your worth, and aren’t willing to settle for someone who has hurt you. I can hear how challenging it can be to let someone leave your life…and I’m so thankful for your strength and compassion in wanting to keep your ex safe. Your generosity in seeing him as happy in his next relationship is really touching. How are you taking care of yourself while you support him? If you ever wanna chat about how this stress is effecting you we are online 6-11pm everynight.

Martin — I really appreciate your optimism. I can see how hopeful you are that there is a girl out there that will love you as much as you do her. Sounds like in the meantime you are finding comfort in the NHL news! What else has helped you move forward from your past heartbreak?

Thanks for sharing your strength here
<3 the Support Team

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