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Hi Butterfly17,
Thanks for sharing your personal story here on Youthspace.

Through your words, I’m getting a sense of the depth of darkness that you were in before… it sounds like there was pain closing in from every direction, and for some time, suicide seemed like the only option to escape from it all. I’m so thankful that you received a text of love in that moment, and that you were able to keep fighting and to seek help. The fact that you’re here today, helping others who need to hear that message of love and support shows great courage and compassion.

I can hear so much strength in your words Butterfly17 — that strength is truly inspiring. I’m wondering how life has been for you lately? What sort of help did you get that supported you thru this battle?

Thank you for sharing your supportive heart hear. Your words seem full of wisdom and experience, and I can only imagine what you have been thru to come to a place where you want to help others thru challenging moments. Know that your contributions are appreciated, more than I can say <3

Know too that we’re here to support you, or if you’re worried about someone in your life — both on chat and on the forum. <3

Take care,
The Support Team.

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