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I’m only just beginning to understand the complexity of the feelings you are experiencing.

I get the sense that your cynical comments about your school counselor elude to bigger issues you have with how people treat you and how they react to your thoughts of suicide. It seems like you aren’t getting the caring support that you deserve to receive. I’m wondering what kinda reactions you would like from those around you?

When you say it’s not about the result, it’s about the problem I’m imagining that you sometimes feel out of control, like these internal factors drive you to take actions that you cannot always predict. You said you felt fine while typing this message, yet you expect your mind to shift and choose suicide any moment. This spontaneity really scares me…I get the sense that you feel really impulsive right now, like you could take serious measures to harm yourself at any moment. Thank you for sharing the raw truth of these thoughts here. We want to support you in staying safe.

I can hear that you are desperate for change. For some unknown shift in your existence. There are lots of forces pushing you towards that edge, yet I see you clinging to life. That takes courage. What helps you hold onto hope?

Let us know how we can support your life Dani. We’re on your side
<3 The Support Team

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