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Hey JS,

Thx for your authenticity in sharing such honest thoughts with us here at Youthspace. I’m glad you are reaching out. I can really hear how hurt you were when your girlfriend ended things between you two. I get the sense that you feel betrayed by how quickly she moved on, while you are left trying to survive in the aftermath of such a shocking breakup.

It sounds like this recent heartache has left a void in your life. I can see how strongly you crave that special connection, how desperately you want to find a compatible partner. I’m imagining that your loneliness is thrown in your face everytime you are forced to hangout with other couples in committed relationships :( I can only imagine how isolating those moments are. I get the sense that sometimes you feel hopeless…you ask when will you meet someone, how will you be happy…of course I don’t have those answers, but I know that you deserve to be with someone who likes you for who you really are. And, as for happiness, you truly do deserve it.

I’m wondering if there has been anything in the past that has helped you battle feelings of depression. It seems like you have dealt with dark emotions in the past and have won. What worked for you then? I hope these methods of fighting back will help with the struggle…

Know that we are here for you. In Chat or on the Forum.
Take care JS and stay strong
– The Support Team

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