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You write with such clarity. I can hear that your loneliness is really impacting how you value your life. I get the sense that connecting with other people has never been easy for you, and now this overwhelming loneliness has left you wondering if you will ever find ‘your people’.

It sounds like your lack of friends has left you feeling completely alone in the world. I can hear how hard it is to sustain life, feeling so excluded :( You mentioned that you fear your life moving towards suicide as a way out of this complete solitude…that makes me scared for you DevilKisses. What is keeping you alive?

I’m really grateful that you have shared your feelings here with us. I can hear how important it is for you to make friends right now, and we truly want to support you with this. Did any of Callie’s suggestions sound appealing? What sorts of ways have you thought of to improve your situation?

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