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Hey Hullaballoo22,

Sounds like you’ve got alot on your mind these days.. I imagine you’re feeling pretty stuck. Wanting to reach out and form these relationships, wanting to feel included and part of it all.. yet at the same time the activities that most of the people around you are partaking in and talking about (ie sex, drinking etc) are not experiences that appeal to you at all. I have a vision of you screaming to the sky in frustration, because there seems to be no answer. Do you bow to peer pressure and start doing these things that you don’t want to, or do you stick to your guns and continue to feel left out…

I can tell that your beliefs and convictions are very important to you. With the song, I picture you on the verge of feeling powerful in your ‘oddball’ness.. if only you could find other oddballs to rebel with. I suspect it might only add to your sense of loneliness, hearing a song that is supposed to pump you up to be who you are with the rest of the oddballs, but having it make you feel like you are the only one who feels that way..

I hear you searching for meaning and for connection… and I’m glad you have reached out to talk about this with us…have you been able to open up to anyone else in your life about these feelings of isolation?

Stay connected,
<3 The Support Team

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