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Thanks Martin. When I find that group, you’ll be the first I invite. :P I’m feeling a bit better. I’ve been writing lots in my journal, which always helps, and taking lots of walks just to think about things.

I do feel stuck. It’s like there’s no winning. I do NOT want to drink and stuff, so I’m trying to tell myself that I can be happy being alone too…but it’s hard to feel like that’s true, especially when Im at school and everyone has their friend group. It’s like Martin says, there are so many people I see everyday, that I call friends, when they don’t know anything about me, and their definitely not the oddballs that I’m looking for. :( I’ve told my cousin that I feel left out at school, but it’s not like she can do anything.

Thanks for talking to me guys. It’s really sweet to know that I can come here and vent!

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