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It’s cool to hear that you’re liking this as a place to talk; that’s what we’re here for!

I can hear just how different you feel from all the people around you, like you’re speaking a different language altogether. There’s a sense in your words of deep frustration that everyone else seems to value a very opposite set of things from those which you consider important… You mention trying to be happy alone, and it gives me an idea of the conflict within you where you want to connect with people who you see everyday, but you don’t want to adopt the habits that seem to be a necessary part of that connection. :(

I am glad to hear that you’re looking after yourself so gently and finding ways to cope, such as journaling. I can imagine that writing is really cathartic for you…. A way to let off some of the steam, perhaps?

Stay strong Hullaballoo22. We’re here if you want to keep venting.

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