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Hi Adam,

Thank you so much for your courage to post on our forum. I can hear your struggle in supporting your girlfriend through her desire to end her life. Sounds like you have been a strong support to her despite the emotional roller coaster that you’ve been riding.

I would guess it’s a really dark place for you to be in when you think about the worst possible outcome. Seems really frightening to think that someone you really care about is considering ending their life, and I get a sense the thought of losing her is devastating and unbearable.

I can imagine the frustration of trying to convince her that she has more to live for than she thinks. Not to mention the rejection that I would guess you feel when she concludes that there is “no reason”. I am really worried for your girlfriend and am wondering if anyone else knows what she is going through?

It seems that you are willing to do whatever it takes to help your girlfriend through this. I am also concerned about you and am curious, who is there to support you, and how are you taking care of yourself through these dark and and scary times?

Keep up your strength and bravery Adam. We are here for you.

The Support Team

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