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Thank you for your courage to post so honestly here. I want you to know that the Support Team reads and responds to your entire original post but we have posted an edited version to omit details that may be triggering to our other posters.

I understand that the high school experience you’ve had so far is far different from the magical time that you’ve heard others describe it to be. It must feel terribly unjust to endure so much emotional turmoil when it seems that those around you are having the time of their lives.

I can hear how exhausted you feel trying to fight against the bullying and depression while feeling like no one understands your pain and thinks you’re being a “drama queen” when you’re really asking for them to hear you. It seems that you’ve put a lot of thought into how your death might affect those you care about and how they would react.
I imagine that you care deeply how these people feel towards you and how they would feel if you were to end your life. Is there anyone in your life who knows how sad and hopeless you’ve been feeling? Is there anyone you would feel comfortable to share these feelings with?

I’m certainly glad you took the risk to share your experience here <3

The Support Team

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